Suited to all purposes, Herptek terrariums can be warmed in different ways according to your animals needs and technical issues.

Heat bulbs location:
Warming bulbs spaces are built in to ensure safe installation and prevent animal burning risks.

Bulbs location design has been studied for each model in order to benefit from the best vital space/ heating efficency ratio.

The more broad the terrarium is, the more wide are the bulbs locations. That allows animals to easily expose themselves to the bulbs heat.

Bulbs locations can be accessed from the back of the terrarium in order to get to them without dismanteling your power source.

Energy requirements:

“can not operate warming bulbs”

Floor heating :

It is also possible to warm Herptek terrariums with heat mats located under the floor.

The warming zone must not exceed one third of the terrarium whole surface.

It is necessary to control all heating appliances with thermostat.

For safety reasons, we recommend that you do not use heating cables or carpets inside the terrarium.

Temperature control must be done regularly with a thermometer.

Please read technical instructions before any use.

In case of any doubt, have your electrical system checked by a qualified professional.