Instructions manual

Thank you for choosing Herptek terrariums.

Those terrariums are solely designed to suit reptile and amphibians breeding.
Herptek terrariums are built with anti uv animal toxic free high density polyethylene. That material will melt down if exposed to a temperature exceeding 80 celsius degrees.
It is imperative to follow installation and assembly instructions.

Installation guide :

For the well being of animals, place the terrariums in a steady temperature environment (between 20 and 25°C)
Clean up the terrarium with a sponge and disinfectant before first use in order to remove dust.
If you pile up several terrariums, make sure:

To do it on a steady and levelled ground
Not to place the terrarium in contact with an external heating source such as radiator or direct exposure to sun
That all heating appliances are properly installed and controlled via a thermostat

Windows assembly :

Place the first window in the back rail of the top slide then lock the window in the back rail of the bottom slide. Slide the window to the right until touching the side frame of the terrarium.
Make sure that the sliding rails are free of any mater that would prevent the terrarium from locking properly.
To avoid animal escaping, the use of rubber locks on the sliding doors is imperative.

Warning :

Do not use terrarium heating device without a functional controlling thermostat.
The use of such device without a thermostat is to be made at your own risks.
Never use heating bulb or spotlight without ceramic socket reflector holder. Use only the built in locations.
Do not use heating appliances (warming cable, plate…)inside the terrarium.
Never block in any ways the terrarium venting grids.
Do not carry around the terrarium while animals are inside or with its heating electrical equipment still on.
If the terrarium is part filled with water, unplug wet electrical appliances before to place your hands in the water.
Do not move the terrarium until electric devices have cooled off.
Constantly check on the temperature using a thermometer
Any custom made modifications (hole, plastic or grid cut off) made by the user make him liable for any unexpected consequence linked to those modifications.
If used for venomous or dangerous reptiles, sliding windows must be equipped with a key lock (not provided)
Never pile up terrariums on a shaky or unsteady ground.
Never put living rodents in the terrarium.

In case of any doubt concerning your Herptek terrariums installation, please contact your local distributor.
You can also send an e-mail to