Hygiene is a key condition of a reptile’s captive environment, especially when it comes to quarantine and hospitalization. Herptek terrariums allow total disinfecting thanks to their design and their building material.

Cleaning is made very easily thanks to 5 major assets:

A smooth, non adhesive material
Round corners
No sharp angles
A flat ground

Eradication of parasites such as mites is greatly facilitated. No asperity for the parasites or their eggs to hide.
A light beige colour makes easy to locate any possible parasites.

The use of an animal friendly disinfectant soaked sponge is a way of cleaning the terrarium.
For large volume terrarium, mopping broom is a simple, efficient and quick way of cleaning.
Always thoroughly clean the terrarium before installing your animal.
Warning! If you use household bleach as a disinfectant, rinse your items with clear water before to put back animals in the terrariums.