Classic series

RéférenceDésignation produitDimensionsPrix TTC
HTB060HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige60X60X50189.00
HTB090HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige90X60X50295.00
HTB120HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige120X70X50380.00
HTB150HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige150X70X50490.00
HTB0180HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige180X90X50579.00

Arboreal series

RéférenceDésignation produitDimensionsPrix TTC
HTA060HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige60X60X100339.00
HTA060FSHERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige60X60X100319.00
HTA090HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige90X60X100399.00

Compact series

RéférenceDésignation produitDimensionsPrix TTC
HTCS120HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige120X70X35359.00
HTCS060HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige60X60X35159.00
HTCS090HERPTEK terrarium en polyéthylène beige90X60X35265.00

Molded in one single piece, made in high density polyethylene mass coloured, super opaque, UV resistant

Super easy to clean with round corners, flat floor.

Ultra resistant to corrosif products like urine and disinfectants.

Totally waterproof, humidity resistant, super light weight.

Schock resitant , Massive aluminium rails .

Aluminium mesh for ventilation, oriented with a 45° angle to optimize lighting.

6mm glass sliding doors with PVC sliding protection.

Heat lamps space built in to ensure safe installation and prevent animal burning risks, with easy access.

Lighting space built in to ensure safe installation.

Available in 3 standards colors beige, black and pearl grey.

label location on the front of the cage.

You can lock the doors with rubber wedges

You can secure the doors with a key lock

Designed shape to reinforce the structure, stackable.

Carefully, read the instructions before using the cages !